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Tapestry – Approach to Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity


The Approach to Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity at Tapestry

Tapestry – We are creating a culture where all of our employees are given the freedom to bring their complete selves to work because we think that diversity drives innovation. We are aware that when we welcome diversity at all levels of our organization and hold ourselves to higher standards, we do our best work. 
Our equity, inclusion, and diversity (EI&D) strategy is built on four pillars: talent, culture, community, and marketplace. It is based on our company’s values. We are concentrating on attracting, retaining, and developing diverse people through this strategy. In support of these initiatives, we: 
• Educate and develop our staff 
• Together, let’s stand taller as we serve our communities. 
• Create guidelines and strategies for honesty and global citizenship across all of our businesses. 

Acknowledgements and Commitments: 
• Organizational Alliance for the Equality Act 
• CEO Promise to Take Action on Diversity and Inclusion 
• Top Employers for Diversity and Inclusion According to Forbes 

Forbes’s Top Female Employers 
“Best Companies to Work For in Asia” Awards from HR Asia Magazine 
• People’s Rights Movement Index of Corporate Equality


Principles of the United Nations on Women’s Empowerment

We examined our procedures and regulations in FY2021, and we carried on creating a truly welcoming atmosphere where all workers can succeed. We strengthened our employees’ familiarity with EI&D techniques and their comfort level in conducting brave, and occasionally tough, conversations by bringing EI&D to the forefront of leadership discussions and by incorporating it as a topic in our worldwide town halls and big events. We introduced a guide for inclusive conversations as part of our leadership that offers.
In FY2021, we improved accountability, expanded globally, and added new members to our U.S. Inclusion Council. To ensure that our strategic roadmaps are locally relevant and in line with our 2025 goals, we now have inclusion councils in the United States, Europe, and Asia. 
In order to track, support, and promote minority suppliers in our indirect procurement activities, we created a supplier diversity plan and roadmap and identified suitable partners. By assisting minority company owners in expanding and developing their own companies, this plan also involves a comprehensive approach to bridging the opportunity gap.

Sustainable development depends on the actions we take in FY2021 to operationalize our updated EI&D strategy and create a solid framework around these crucial problems. 
We welcomed brand-new holidays and occasions in FY2021, like Holocaust Remembrance Day, Asian American Pacific Islander History Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month. 
Our CEO, Joanne Crevoiserat, conducted a virtual event for the entire company as part of our celebration of International Women’s Day. Pam Lifford, a brand-new member of our board, and Michelle Stuntz, a Senior Client Partner at Korn Ferry, joined us to talk about the pandemic’s effects on women in the working. With regard to the difficulties that women have in the workplace, such as juggling caregiving responsibilities with professional progression, burnout, and difficulties particular to women of colour, this event provided statistics and ideas with employees.

To assist and involve our employees, we have a number of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Task Forces:

Allies & Black Alliance Through the advancement and promotion of Black employees at Tapestry Working Parents, Caregivers & Allies, the ERG creates a legacy of equity and inclusion. 
ERG: Supports families of all kinds at all stages by offering tools, direction, and inspiration to help with finding a work-life balance. 
Prouder Collectively Creating an inclusive community, motivating, assisting, and mentoring people within Tapestry and across our brands, tying our identity to goods that speak to us, and giving back to our communities locally are all ways that the ERG celebrates LGBTQ+ employees and allies. 
Jews and their allies Task Force: Through seminars and other means, raises awareness of the long history of Jewish oppression.