Tetra Pak Sustainability Report 2022: CEO Message

Tetra Pak Sustainability Report

Tetra Pak Sustainability Report 2022

Tetra Pak Sustainability Report – These have not been easy times as the COVID-19 pandemic’s direct and indirect effects, such as the disruption of the world’s supply chains, resource scarcities, employment difficulties, and inflation, have persisted. Additionally, the Russian invasion of Ukraine at the beginning of 2022 will have additional ripple effects on the world economy. We strongly deplore this war, which is awful and terrible, yet it doesn’t seem to be stopping. Like many others, we also want a speedy conclusion and the triumph of peace. 
Global logistics and raw material prices are significantly impacted by these international occurrences. Tetra Pak is making every effort to reduce the negative effects of these disruptions on our worldwide supply chain. 
Despite these obstacles, we continue to be motivated by our mission statement, “We commit to making food safe and available, everywhere, and we promise to protect what’s good: protecting food, people, and the planet,” as we work to fulfil our commitments to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our workers, customers, and communities as well as to contribute to the preservation of food security and environmental protection. Without the dedication of our workers around the world, who worked nonstop to assist secure food supplies, this would not have been possible. The people who work for us make me really proud and motivate me every day. 
We have a lofty goal of leading the sustainability transition in our sector, and I am aware that we can only accomplish this by taking real action throughout our value chain. In order to do this, we must confront the interconnectedness of the environmental, social, and economic problems we face and leverage powerful, systemic partnerships, since successful problem-solving depends more than ever on teamwork. 
We must “walk the walk” by managing and maximizing our positive impacts on the environment and society, continuing to embed sustainability as a key business driver and decision-making criteria, fostering a culture of sustainability within our company and industry, and collaborating with our value chain and food and beverage manufacturers to support their own sustainability efforts.

Tetra Pak Sustainability Report

We participated in the first global UN Food Systems Summit and the World Climate Summit at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in 2021 to examine options with other stakeholders for reforming food systems to make them more secure and sustainable. 
On our goal to create the most sustainable food package in the world, we kept making strides. Early in 2022, in collaboration with Elvir, we launched a cap made of attributable recycled polymers3, making us the first carton packaging company in the food and beverage sector. A commercial technological validation of a polymer-based barrier that replaces the aluminium foil layer that protects perishable food in aseptic cartons, involving several million packages in Japan, was also completed successfully. We are now moving on to the following level. 
As I consider our accomplishments from the previous year and look toward the future, I’m eager to be expanding on our solid base to further our sustainability aspirations. Having said that, I am aware of the difficult road ahead and the industry’s need for a fundamental change. To speed up the current rate of change and create a more sustainable future, cooperation, the development of novel goods and business models, and unconventional alliances will be required. 
As a market leader, we are still dedicated to playing a role in bringing about rapid, systemic, comprehensive changes and doing our share to aid food and beverage producers in attaining their own sustainability objectives. I am convinced that we will spearhead the sustainable change for our company, along with our clients, partners, and suppliers. 

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