Texas students create Assistive technology for classrooms with disabilities

Texas students

Assistive technology to be created by Texas Students for classrooms

Texas students – In this video, Active Learning teacher Rosemary Parker explains what Jayden Hernandez can do with the keyguard made by 3D printing.

Despite having no solution in hand, teachers at Austin Middle School promised that they would find a way to make the dream a reality for a student with a limb difference.

A learning opportunity was created as a result of the teachers’ exploration of various options. Students at Nimitz High School could create prosthetic arms using 3D printers. The high school had recently acquired a 3D printer, and despite the technology being new for all, the teachers decided to make the process a learning opportunity.

Its Verizon Innovative Learning Lab has since helped students at Austin Middle School design and 3D print a variety of assistive devices for students with disabilities. The initiative was made possible by students’ efforts at Irving Independent School District (ISD).

The keyguard was used by eighth-grade student Jayden Hernandez during the lesson to help him see where he needs to push physically to make a decision. Rosemary Parker, the active learning tutor for Hernandez, explained, “It was helpful to give Jayden a target area so he could physically see where he needed to push.”

Initiative by Texas Students

Parker adds, “I’m amazed that something like this can be printed, and I believe it teaches kids to become more compassionate when they help others, especially when it’s for someone with disabilities.” As Digital Learning Coordinator at Irving ISD, James Tiggeman explains, “When we design a product for another person, we really focus on empathy and design thinking.”

Using lab resources, Austin Middle School has begun to address the countless ways in which technology can create a more accessible, digitally inclusive world, one student at a time. These efforts are part of Verizon Innovative Learning, Citizen Verizon’s responsible business plan for economic, environmental and social advancement.

In my view, the ability to print a worksheet like this is incredible, and it helps kids become more compassionate by doing things for others, especially when they do something for a person with a disability.

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