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Trane Technologies Makes a Difference by Tackling Big Issues

Trane Technologies

Trane Technologies is Tackling Big Issues

At Trane Technologies, we constantly push the envelope and welcome innovation that can benefit our planet and everyone on it. We dare to do things differently. 
The desire to make a difference for Angelica Rodriguez, a commercial finance manager in Bogotá, Columbia, starts with her own actions and extends to her aspirations for what our company can accomplish on a far larger scale. 
Angelica recognized that her passion for a more sustainable way of life was reflected in the program’s objectives when the company introduced Operation Possible, an employee-powered innovation programme, and started 
figuring out ways for our worldwide firm to use less plastic and recycle it more.

Trane Technologies

Find out more about Operation’s Possible use of people and purpose to inspire innovation at Trane Technologies. 

As a leader in the field of climate innovation, Trane Technologies is committed to changing today into the tomorrow we want. We are pleased to release our ESG report for 2021 and offer important updates on the long-term value we are generating through business operations that benefit the globe.