Trane Technologies Thermo King to reduce Global Warming of Transport Refrigeration

Trane Technologies Thermo King to reduce Global Warming of Transport Refrigeration

Transport Refrigeration Reduced by 50% with Trane Technologies Thermo King

Trane Technologies Thermo King – Thermo King®, a global climate innovator’s truck, and trailer unit brand, announced it would be the first in the industry to use a lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant as standard. By using a greener refrigerant, companies will reduce their carbon footprints by nearly 50%, equating to 650,000 metric tons of CO2e carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to the emissions of 143,000 passenger vehicles.

Previous Thermo King customers could choose to replace the higher global warming potential refrigerant, but now all units will come standard with the most sustainable refrigerant available today.

In addition to our company’s commitment to sustainability, our solution offerings to customers help improve their bottom lines and make the planet a better place to live, said Karin De Bondt, president of Thermo King Americas. “The improvements, including modifications to our trailer and truck units, are essential to decarbonizing the refrigerated fleet that delivers life-sustaining cargo, such as food and medicine, to people worldwide.”

Specifically, the next generation of Thermo King’s Precedent® trailer products will switch to the low-GWP R452A refrigerant in January 2022, and truck products will be powered by the new refrigerant starting in early 2022. In addition, all new units will stop using R404A by mid-2022. These steps contribute to Trane Technologies’ Gigaton Challenge to reduce customer CO2 emissions by a billion metric tons by 2030.

Trane Technologies Thermo King

Thermo King is one full year ahead of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) by adopting a low-GWP refrigerant as standard. The California standard is scheduled to take effect in 2023; in North America, Thermo King is one full year ahead.

As part of its global transition to more sustainable refrigerants, Thermo King has been using R452A for several years in its entire EMEA product portfolio and selected products in North America and the Asia Pacific.

In addition to its 2030 Sustainability Commitments, Trane Technologies is taking action to solve some of the biggest sustainability challenges facing the world, including the Gigaton Challenge and achieving carbon neutrality across its footprint.

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