UNFCU Foundation Opens 2024 Grant Window for Organizations Championing Sustainable Development for Women and Youth

UNFCU Foundation

UNFCU Foundation – 2024 Grant Window for Organizations

The UNFCU Foundation has announced that grant applications for financing support in 2024 are currently being accepted. Applicants may request financing of up to $50,000.

Eligible organizations must support the UNFCU Foundation’s objective to keep women and youth out of poverty. Grant information is available on the online application portal at for new applicants and existing partners. This contains submission deadlines and a brief guide with answers to frequently requested topics.

UNFCU Foundation

“We want to expand and create new opportunities for vulnerable women and youth to thrive by collaborating with innovative partners,” stated Yma Gordon, Executive Director of the UNFCU Foundation. “Our strategy is centered on advancing meaningful programs in the communities we serve.”

Grant Application Procedures


The UNFCU Foundation will give priority to bids for initiatives that highlight access to high-quality education, crucial healthcare, and effective job training results. Projects that include sustainability and sustainable development techniques will be given special consideration.


Projects will support vulnerable women and youth in the following areas:



Senegal Uganda

Locations in the United States include New York City, Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Entities from defined territories must be either a 501(c)(3) organization located in the United States, a United Nations agency or program, or an international organization with a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor based in the United States.


When evaluating new grant requests, we look for the following criteria:

When reviewing new grant applications, we look for the following criteria:


Agreement with the UNFCU Foundation’s mission

Alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals

Strong track record for at least three years or an extended pilot period

Access to additional help for sustainability

Capability to track the project’s or organization’s impact through outcomes reporting

The UNFCU Foundation does not give funds to the following organizations:

Private persons

Projects with no quantifiable aims or impacts

Political campaigns or candidates

Religious, fraternal, or professional sports organizations

Documentaries, performing arts ensembles, or productions

Organizations that do not have the tax-exempt status specified in the grant application standards

Undergraduate scholarships, personal necessities, or operational expenses/existing shortfalls