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United Airlines Celebrates Fall Employee Service Events

United Airlines

United Airlines Celebrates Fall Employee Service Events

The areas where our coworkers and customers live and work benefited from United Airlines’ autumn service activities, which included packing meals and hygiene kits, doing neighbourhood clean-ups, installing solar panels, and more.

Together, we showed how in the United States and around the world, Good Leads The Way. Over 1,600 United workers gave more than 6,000 hours of service.

United Airlines

Using numbers

1675 different volunteers
6,033 hours were worked
233,680 meals were served in 98 cities, and 4,950 pounds of waste were packed and collected.

Meal packing for Rise Against Hunger, neighbourhood clean-ups and glow-ups in Chicago, Houston, and San Francisco, the installation of solar panels in Denver and Los Angeles with GRID Alternatives, the pulling of Special Olympics planes, the packing of hygiene kits at Washington Dulles with Good360, and numerous other activities were among the events that took place.

We support the communities where we live, work, and fly, organizing employee volunteer events and providing disaster relief globally. By collaborating with organizations, we use United’s resources to make a real difference in communities all around the world. Four main areas make up our work:

Disaster relief – We use our planes to bring aid and volunteers to areas in need following natural and man-made disasters. Additionally, we collaborate with NGOs that are most suited to help communities in need.

Environmental sustainability – By collaborating with regional environmental protection programmes, initiatives to recycle waste from our flights, and nonprofits striving to advance clean energy technologies and environmental justice, we support United’s environmental commitment.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: By supporting local, national, and international NGOs that uphold our values—from combating systematic racism to assisting veterans, the LGBTQ+ community, and individuals with disabilities—we are dismantling barriers and fostering inclusion.

Education: By collaborating with charitable groups, we hope to motivate the following generation of leaders.