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Steps to Use the TalkBack Screen Reader on Your Peloton

TalkBack Screen Reader

How to Use the TalkBack Screen Reader on Peloton

TalkBack Screen Reader – Everyone should have access to an excellent workout, according to us at Peloton. We constantly strive to open up our classes to as many Members as we can. 
In keeping with that, we’re pleased to announce the addition of the TalkBack screen reader to the Peloton Tread. With the use of audio prompts, this accessibility tool leads our members who are blind or have impaired vision through class.

How is TalkBack Screen Reader implemented?

On both Bike and Tread, you can use TalkBack, a screen reader, to navigate via your touchscreen. It reads out important information such as when a lesson has been completed and either cadence/resistance (on a bike) or speed/incline (on a car) (on Tread). On Tread, it also makes a sound as the inclination and speed vary.

How can I turn on TalkBack?

On the touchscreen of your Bike or Tread, tap the settings icon. Select Accessibility, then Device Settings. You can then turn TalkBack on or off as necessary from there.