Water Mission Delivered Safe Water for Ukrainians with FedEx help

Water Mission

Water Mission Delivers Safe Water for Ukraine People

Water Mission – People have resorted to desperate tactics in their struggle to obtain potable water, frequently filling buckets, gas cans, and plastic bags with contaminated water from streams and waterways. More than 6 million people in Ukraine no longer have access to safe water for their families as a result of the conflict. 
Days after the invasion, Water Mission started supporting refugees and collaborating with a sizable domestic distribution network to address their requirements for safe water, sanitation, and hygiene. Thanks to FedEx’s assistance, Water Mission is able to guarantee that tens of thousands of individuals have access to clean water and basic hygiene items. 
Eight emergency assistance shipments for Water Mission totalling close to 70,000 pounds were safely and quickly handled by FedEx while navigating through a number of logistical difficulties, including customs evaluations and approvals. In order to assist women and children affected by the crisis, these shipments contained more than 3.3 million aid goods to nations neighbouring Ukraine.

Water Mission

To ensure that safe water was flowing in the cities in and surrounding Ukraine, these shipments contained essential emergency water treatment equipment and water purification supplies. Thousands of hygiene kits comprising personal care items were provided to aid in keeping people healthy, thanks to FedEx and the several partners that joined together with Water Mission. 
Craig Williams, a member of the Partnerships and Emergency Coordination team at Water Mission, described these hygiene kits as “little boxes of hope.” “They are transported into Ukraine for women and children who have fled their homes and contain essential hygiene necessities, such as toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap. Their life could be simplified by these items. 
As the situation changes, Water Mission continues to provide access to clean water in crucial sites like clinics, hospitals, shelters, and relief caravans in the Ukrainian cities of Mykolaiv, Pokrovsk, and Kramatorsk.