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Next Chapter in 5G: Why CMO says 5G Future is already in Sight

5G Future

Why CMO says 5G Future is already here

Today, almost everything we do shows how our mobile connectivity affects our lives, but what about tomorrow, next year, or perhaps next decade? Jason and Shawna are joined by T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Mike Katz to discuss how 5G is maximizing the potential of our connected lives in ways we never could have predicted even a few years ago. We examine some of the explosive wireless developments that have occurred since the pandemic’s start and how the 5G future is already taking shape.

5G Future – Concerning Mobile Diaries

Join the T-Mobile Stories team for Mobile Diaries, a brand-new podcast on contemporary digital life and the mobile technology that enables it, with Shawna Ryan, an Emmy-winning broadcast journalist, and Jason Adams, a seasoned editor and writer. Discover some of the amazing identities, archetypes, creative minds, and original stories that are emerging in our quick-paced, digitally driven world. a world that has elevated its usage of mobile technology to new heights since the outbreak of the epidemic. Our electronics have taken on a new pride of place in our lives, from the wireless technology that enables us to work from almost anywhere to the new realities of online dating to dial-a-therapist apps. How do we survive in this brand-new world? How can we achieve balance?