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At the 6th Ghana Manufacturing Honors, Wilmar Africa Limited won 3 awards

Wilmar Africa Limited

Wilmar Africa Limited won three awards at Ghana Manufacturing Awards

Wilmar Africa Limited – For the second year in a row, these prizes were given for Marketing Campaign of the Year (Frytol Healthy Heart Campaign), Detergent Manufacturing Company of the Year, and Agro-Processing Company of the Year. 
The event, which was held on Friday, May 27, 2022, under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and Industries, aimed to recognize companies and individuals who have excelled in the manufacturing sector in terms of entrepreneurship, quality, health and safety, corporate social responsibility, and innovation. 
These honours validate Wilmar Africa’s continued growth and commitment to the Ghana manufacturing industry and the Ghanaian economy. 
The awards are in honour of the company’s commitment to agribusiness development through its palm plantations, as well as its contributions to the food processing industry through its oil refineries and rice packaging plants. 
Even in these trying circumstances, the company perseveres and fulfils its mission of enhancing the lives of Ghanaian consumers. 
One of the hotly contested categories was Marketing Campaign of the Year, which featured a number of major companies. As a result, Wilmar Africa was ecstatic when the Frytol Healthy Hearts campaign was named the winner. 
Patience Oforiwa Mpereh, the Head of Marketing for Wilmar Africa Limited, said to the media that the campaign’s goal is to promote heart health among Ghanaians by offering platforms for physical activities, good diets, and mental wellness, among other things.

Wilmar Africa Limited

Wilmar was not surprised to get the Detergent Manufacturer of the Year award, given the company’s significant investment in constructing one of West Africa’s largest detergent factories and Ghana’s only Detergent Tower. 
Jamaa Detergent has become one of Ghana’s favourite detergents, with a promise of being the partner for clean clothes nationally, thanks to constant product quality, innovative fragrance, and enzyme technology. 
She went on to say that the campaign is part of the Frytol Goodness theme, which aims to encourage people to keep their physical well-being in check while promoting healthy diets through the consumption of cholesterol-free goods like Frytol oil, which is also enriched with Vitamin-A. 
This campaign also featured a cooperation and a donation to the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital’s National Cardio Unit to help some children’s heart surgery.