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Yum Brands – We’re maintaining our focus on food safety and quality as part of YumRecipe !’s for Good, while also adapting to consumer preferences and increasing animal welfare transparency. 
Protecting customers and keeping their trust begin with maintaining food safety and quality. Food safety is not a strategic advantage but rather a requirement for public health, and we can always do better. We are pleased of the work our food safety teams around the world have done to ensure we have upheld our standards and safeguarded guests during the challenges of the epidemic and beyond. We credit our success to leadership that consistently communicates about and prioritises food safety. 
By means of audits, conferences, and other contacts, Yum! food safety leaders are in continual contact with our suppliers and franchisees. Our local and global supply chains are fully transparent, and we actively manage each supplier to meet our exacting standards. Yum! achieved our best level of supplier compliance and performance to date in 2021 as a result of this direct involvement.

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Along the entire supply chain, we have a duty to take good care of the animals grown for food. The Sustainable Animal Protein Principles and the subject matter experts on our Animal Welfare Advisory Council serve as the foundation for our strategy, which is outlined in our Global Animal Welfare Policy. The Five Freedoms for all animals used as food are something we also endorse.

Highlights from our Recipe for Good Report for 2021

Our food safety management system now has a risk-sensing technology that provides us with real-time visibility into potential global food safety hazards. 
Yum! managed to attain our best level of supplier compliance and performance to date in 2021 despite disruptions brought on by the epidemic. 
In order to effectively monitor and drive progress, we switched from collecting animal welfare data from poultry suppliers once a year to once every three months. 
We released a report on the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) landscape in 2021, and we’re still working with business partners to address this problem.