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Zvilo Supports a Sustainable Future and the SDGs of the UN


Zvilo Supports a Sustainable Future and SDGs

Aiming to be the first sustainable digital financial service provider in the Balkans and beyond, Zvilo, a forward-financing and banking fintech, has announced a set of ambitious environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets and stringent reporting requirements based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Zvilo will directly support the following nine (9) of the seventeen (17) SDGs:

SDG 1: Zero Poverty Zvilo aims to give small-to-medium-sized businesses and low-income households with accessible digital financial solutions that will provide economic opportunities (SMEs). The organization aims to finance over €1 billion in loans, around €25 million in invoices through its supply chain finance initiative, and at least 100,000 fewer Balkan residents do not have access to banking services.

Zero Hunger is an SDG. Zvilo will concentrate on assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the agricultural sector, making sure that at least 20% of funds will go toward resource-efficient sustainable agriculture.

Achieving Good Health and Well-Being, SDG 3. By ensuring that at least 20% of funding goes to SMEs who have received ISO certification, Zvilo will assist food security and safety.

Gender equality is SDG 5. Zvilo will advocate for gender parity.

Zvilo’s chairman, Admir Imami, said: “We are really happy to announce a set of rigorous ESG criteria to which Zvilo will adhere. In the previous two decades of my professional career, I have made ESG and responsible investment a focal point of my commercial activities as a global citizen. We at Zvilo, as ethical lenders, have a distinctive and powerful position in the Balkans. This means that in order to achieve a fairer, more sustainable, and more equitable world, we must encourage positive behaviour. We must also provide consumers and smaller businesses with the money they need to implement these policies when cash flow is tight.

The ESG commitments will have numerous advantageous effects both on a regional and local level within the community.

A few of these are:

lowering carbon and greenhouse gas emissions from properties, infrastructure, and key business activities.

encouraging companies to increase transparency and disclosure of their climate impact and move towards more sustainable business practices.

Inspiring a movement throughout the regional markets to integrate ESG into its strategy.

supporting the shift to the production of renewable energy.

empowering women across the whole value chain to promote the 2X Challenge.

encouraging inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Our commitment to fulfilling our obligations and goals does not end when we shut off the lights in our offices
or even when we assist a company or customer in achieving their environmental goals. To keep Zvilo, our clients, and our consumers informed and true to their duties, we must assure a continuous lifecycle of positive behaviour through constant and tight reporting, according to Njomza Qerimi, ESG Lead at Zvilo.

As a responsible lender, Zvilo promises to monitor and report ESG adherence accurately through tailored annual questionnaires. With Zvilo’s supply chain finance platform and the forthcoming web and mobile app, ESG data is automatically captured for reporting and portfolio management and enhanced using Artificial Intelligence (AI).